Triathletes Need Cellular Hydration


Totum Sport  is trying to shift the perspective of fitness. Fitness starts at your cells, pushing you further and faster than you have ever been before. If you want to be the best, you have to go back to basics. And by that, we mean the basic structure of your cells. The cells are the individual energy generators of the body, and when primed right will have you crossing the finish line first.


Our electrolyte solutions work at a cellular level. They rebuild, reset, and regulate your cells to make them more fit and ready to perform tasks more efficiently.


Totum Sport & Totum Sport Nite work by providing the correct proportion of electrolytes to every cell for complete hydration, enhanced recovery, and cellular repair. Nite & Day.

"We are judged by what we finish, not what we start"


Go further and faster with Totum Sport. 


Being dehydrated by as little as 2% of your body weight reduces overall performance by 10%, both mentally and physically, putting immense stress on your body.


Staying hydrated is vital to your performance, be it swimming, cycling, or running. When you push yourself hard, you put a huge amount of stress on your body, as your heart pumps blood tirelessly around the body to supply your working muscles with oxygen, dissipate heat and regulate your core temperature.


Dehydration can further the effects of stress on the body and since triathlon events go on for a vast period of time, then cellular hydration must be a priority for all athletes partaking.

Hot temperatures accelerate the dehydration process, so electrolyte requirements are increased further. Consuming just a few electrolytes isn't going to get the water you drink into each cell to be utilised.



"Triathlon doesn't build reveals it."


Swimming has proven to be the most deadly leg of a triathlon. The make or break. From cutting through the waves to being kicked by other athletes.

When you' re working hard and pushing yourself, stroke after stroke, your body is producing heat that needs to be dissipated away from the cells. Dehydration exacerbates these factors.  

Dehydration isn't something most people ponder while swimming. But getting dehydrated while swimming happens more often than most triathletes think.

"I don't sweat when I swim"

Actually you do. You just can't feel it as much.

When you're running or cycling, you see the sweat and feel the heat, and you subconsciously think about the need to drink water. When you're swimming you don't feel as hot yet your body temperature still rises and your heart rate increases.

Show up hydrated by taking Totum Sport prior to starting your race to get water effectively into your cells, ready to take on the challenges ahead.



Triathletes understand that being well hydrated is important if you want to perform at your best, especially when its hot. however, many athletes make similar mistakes that impair heir performance.

As you feel your heart race and body heat up as you get on the bike ready for the next leg, some athletes look towards drinking lots of fluids at this point.

No electrolytes, or the wrong proportion of electrolytes means water cannot enter the cells and so it remains in the blood. If you over-consume fluid then you're going to cause hyponatremia - a dangerous condition caused by the dilution of the body's electrolytes when too much fluid is taken.

This is where Totum Sport comes in. The small 20ml sachets fit effortlessly in your bike to fuel you for the next stage of the competition. Containing all the essential 78 electrolytes in perfect proportions will enable fluids to get into each cell and dissipate heat away.

Work at a maximum capacity with Totum Sport.



The most anxious part about racing is how well you can run when you're off the bike. You need to be able to save your legs to run the best leg possible.

In the later stages of a triathlon the risk of dehydration is real, regardless of the conditions. When muscle fatigue sets in and electrolyte imbalance occurs an athlete may be susceptible to muscular cramps.

A muscle cramp so close to the finish can be detrimental.

Totum Sport works to prevent cramps, pushing athletes across the finish line injury free.

By providing each cell with all 78 electrolytes enables water to get into the cell and be utilised effectively.

By delaying the switch to anaerobic respiration, Totum Sport works to provide more energy throughout the competition and delays the build up of lactic acid by 46%.

Don't let muscle fatigue and cramps ruin the final stretch of your triathlon. DIg deep and hydrate properly.

This is What Dehydration Looks Like:

  • Muscle Fatigue 
  • Confusion & Dizziness
  • Loss of Focus
  • Rapid Heartbeat
  • Possible Unconsciousness



Every triathlon takes a while to recover from, and you need to give your body a chance to recuperate before you compete again.

Totum Sport provides fast recovery when it is most needed. Complete hydration is essential for an athlete to effectively recover.

The electrolytes in Totum Sport maximise the macronutrient utilisation we get from food. Electrolytes are absorbed in parallel with amino acids and carbohydrates, and the zinc and chromium content of Totum Sport help to gnerate energy from the fat we consume.

Studies suggest that hydration and recovery go hand in hand.


Recover faster with Totum Sport




Sleep is the Holy Grail for recovery and its benefits for athletes cannot be overstated. During sleep, the body goes to work repairing muscles, bones and other structures that are stressed in training.

Some revealing studies found that getting extra deep sleep resulted in an uncharacteristic number of PBs for athletes from a range of sports.

Hydration enhances deeper brain sleep which maximises the repair mechanism. During periods of deep sleep, hormone secretion is amplified. This results in more of the growth hormone being released throughout the night which contributes to muscle development and growth.


Repair your body whilst you sleep


Totum Sport


- Complete hydration

- 78 electrolytes in correct proportions

- Complete recovery

- Enhanced focus

- Reduction in cramps & DOMS

- Reduction in lactic acid by 46%

- Prolonged strength & stamina

- 100% natural, vegan friendly

Totum Sport Nite


- Complete hydration

- 78 electrolytes in correct proportions

- Repair whilst you sleep

- Works to improve gut health

- Works to aid immunity

- Enhances deeper brain sleep

- Aids cellular recovery

- 100% natural, vegan friendly



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Hydrate at a cellular level with Totum Sport