Fitness starts at your cells, giving you more power in every shot.


We provide the world's only complete electrolyte solution that works in your body at a cellular level. This rebuilds, resets, and regulates your cells to make them more fit and ready to perform tasks more efficiently.


Totum Sport & Totum Sport Nite work by providing the correct proportions of all electrolytes to every cell in your body - for complete hydration, enhanced recovery, and cellular repair.


Make every shot count with Totum Sport. There have been a number of high-profile cases of tennis players not being able to complete matches due to hydration-related issues, heat exhaustion and cramps.


Staying hydrated is vital to your performance on the court. When you push yourself hard, you put immense stress on your body, pumping blood around the body to supply your working muscles with oxygen, dissipate heat and regulate your core temperature.


Dehydration can further the effects of stress on the body and since tennis is a high intensity sport, often played in hot conditions. These two conditions tend to drive high sweat rates. Sweat is only part of the equation.


It is about how many electrolytes you lose in your sweat that is the critical factor when it comes to proper hydration and performance.

Sodium plays a vital role in:

  • Fluid retention
  • Nerve impulse transmission
  • Absorption of nutrients in the gut
  • Maintaining cognitive function
  • Muscle contraction


Magnesium plays critical roles in:

  • Regulating muscle function
  • Regulating nerve function
  • Controlling blood sugar levels
  • Regulating blood pressure



However, these two electrolytes each need at least 20 other electrolytes to be efficiently absorbed and utilised by your cells.

These subsequent electrolytes each require numerous other elements, creating an interdependent cycle. Which is why your body requires 78 electrolytes to work at its maximum capacity.

Lactic Acid and Cramps


Tennis players rely on aerobic metabolism when playing to ensure energy production for the muscles and brain is maximised. Anaerobic metabolism produces 19 times less energy than aerobic respiration, which can result in slower reactions, silly mistakes, and sluggish movement around the court.

Toum Sport delays the switch to anaeorbic metabolism nad in doing so reduces alctic acid build up by 46%, even in severe dehydrated states.

Tennis players generally experience cramps due to muscle fatigue and dehydration due to loss of electrolytes. Tennis is usually played in intense hot climates and matches can go on for a huge amount of time if it’s close! This results in players sweating more profusely and therefore losing more water and electrolytes.

Whether you’re on the courts playing for a trophy or playing with friends, prevention is the key to avoiding and treating cramps. One of the main ways to stop cramping is to prevent dehydration before it happens. Totum Sport, when taken beforehand, enables water to get into each cell, making it functional throughout the body, preventing muscular cramping.


Recovery & Repair


Recovery time in-between matches can also be relatively short in tournament play and evidence suggests that many players run the risk of starting matches in a less perfectly hydrated state.

You need to aim to start each match hydrated at a cellular level and make sure you have enough fluids and electrolytes on hand to get you through the longest possible match.

If you only drink water alone over an extended period, you’re actually further diluting your blood electrolyte levels, impairing hydration and performance further.

Totum Sport provides recovery before recovery is needed through efficient hydration. The electrolytes in Totum Sport enhance glucose supply to the muscles and brain, aiding performance.

If you want to really enhance your tennis ability, then sleep must be a priority. Sleep is a critical component to help athletes recover and adapt from the intense physical demands of training and competition.

Hydration enhances deeper brain sleep, which is the period where your body is most at rest and the repair mechanism is maximised. During periods of deep sleep, blood supply to muscles increases and hormones, such as the growth hormone, are released to amplify repair and recovery.

Totum Sport Nite is a world-first hydration solution focusing on enhancing deep sleep and cellular repair throughout the night.


Totum Sport


- Complete hydration

- 78 electrolytes in correct proportions

- Complete recovery

- Enhanced focus

- Reduction in cramps & DOMS

- Reduction in lactic acid by 46%

- Prolonged strength & stamina

- 100 natural, vegan friendly

Totum Sport Nite


- Complete hydration

- 78 electrolytes in correct proportions

- Repair whilst you sleep

- Works to improve gut health

- Works to aid immunity

- Enhances deeper brain sleep

- Aids cellular repair

- 100 natural, vegan friendly



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Tennis is not just a game, it's a way of life. Let the racket do the talking.

Hydrate at a cellular level with Totum Sport