Totum Sport  is shifting the perspective of fitness. All fitness starts at your cells, pushing you further than you’ve ever been before.


Our electrolyte solutions work at a cellular level. They rebuild, reset, and regulate your cells to make them more fit and ready to perform tasks more efficiently.


Totum Sport & Totum Sport Nite work by providing the perfect proportion of 78 electrolytes to every cell for maximal hydration, recovery, and repair.


Hydration can be the difference between coming first and coming last, no matter how good you are. Don’t let all your hard work go to waste through dehydration.


Optimum hydration will not only ensure that you cross the finish line, but will also ensure that you enjoy every step of your journey.

Why is Hydration Important for Running?


Water makes up 60% of the human body and 79% of muscles, so it is no surprise that you need to keep yourself topped up with fluid and electrolytes to perform optimally.

Studies have shown that even small fluid losses can significantly affect your ability to run.

  • A 2% drop in body weight due to sweating will impair performance noticeably by 10%.
  • A 5% loss of fluid weight reduces your capacity to work by 30%.

The physiological reasons for performance losses due to dehydration are:

  • Reduction in blood volume
  • Decreased skin blood flow
  • Decreased heat dissipation
  • Increased core temperature

Why do I need 78 Electrolytes?


You're running hard and you feel your sweat drip down your face. But did you know that your sweat contains 78 electrolytes? You need to replenish all 78 electrolytes to enhance your recovery.

Have you ever drunk water before or during your run and felt it just go straight through you? This is because your cells do not have the correct proportions of electrolytes to bring water into your cells to be absorbed and utilised.

If you only replenish your body with a few electrolytes, then the other 75 electrolytes cannot function correctly, so water cannot move into the cells.

This dilutes the blood, so more fluid is excreted as urine, which flushes out more electrolytes – impairing hydration status further.

How is Water Used Within the Cells?


Not only is water a transport medium to carry nutrients and oxygen, it also plays a vital role in temperature regulation.

If you're running with intensity, your cells are producing energy at a faster rate and therefore producing more heat. A rise in core temperature can have detrimental effects to the body and the cells themselves. Water dissipates heat and waste products from the cells to the skin to maintain core temperature to allow you to keep running at your hardest for longer.

Lactic Acid and Cramps


Runners have long feared lactic acid and that fatigued feeling they think comes with it. However, Lactic acid is actually a fuel source for the cells – but not a very efficient one.

Totum Sport delays the switch to anaerobic metabolism, reducing lactic acid build-up by 46% even in dehydrated states.

Cramps can debilitate a runner and completely stop them in their tracks. Electrolyte imbalances are a cause of cramps, and sweat causes loss of electrolytes, which contributes to dehydration and fatigue – leading to muscular cramps.

You need to get your electrolytes in the right bioavailable form and proportions so your body can utilise water effectively to dissipate heat and prevent cramps.


Recovery & Repair


There’s no denying it – the time spent off your feet recovering is as vital to an athlete as the time spent pounding the tarmac training.  

Improving the process of recovery and reducing the soreness, injury and fatigue that result from training should be a priority of every athlete – no matter their ability.

Dehydration delays the recovery process significantly. That feeling when you go out for a run and feel like your legs are made out of concrete. Yes that feeling.

Totum Sport provides recovery before, during, and after running through efficient hydration. The electrolytes in Totum Sport enhance glucose supply to the muscles and brain, aiding performance and recovery.

Certain electrolytes also act as catalysts, enhancing the uptake of other nutrients from food including vitamins and protein. This speeds up the recovery process, supporting tissue and muscle repair.


Totum Sport


- Complete hydration

- Complete recovery

- Enhanced focus

- Reduction in cramps & DOMS

- Reduction in lactic acid by 46%

- Prolonged strength & stamina

- 100 natural, vegan friendly

Totum Sport Nite


- Complete hydration

- Repair whilst you sleep

- Works to improve gut health

- Works to aid immunity

- Enhances deeper brain sleep

- Aids cellular repair

- 100 natural, vegan friendly



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