and Immunity While You Sleep

Repetitive travel interrupts the body’s circadian rhythm which can often lead to insomnia, fatigue and gut issues. Evidence shows that increased training load, competition load and psychological stress, together with long distance travel, may all be risk factors for illness in the modern-day elite athlete.


Significantly altering your working and sleeping times and circadian rhythm has been shown to lead to inflammation in the body. Adding to this, jet lag worsens blood sugar and insulin response to meals.

Travel often includes a change in diet and fluid consumption. This often has dehydrating effects on the body when travelling, impairing gut health and immunity. Consequently this can trigger stress, negatively impacting health. To optimise human performance, you must first be a healthy human.

Dehydration reduces salivary flow rate secretory Immunoglobulin A (slgA). 82% of reported illnesses in athletes preceded by significant decrease in slgA. Whilst hydration strategies can be put in place, electrolytes are necessary to hold water in the cells and optimise hydration at a cellular level. Totum Sport Nite enhances health at a cellular level. This supports each bodily system - including the digestive system and the immune system.

Professor Sheldon Cohen found that subjects’ risk of colds and viruses increased with less than seven hours of sleep per night, and even more so with less than six hours of sleep per night. Sleeping refreshes our immune system, helping us to fight illness and prevent infection.

Totum Sport Nite enhances hydration, supporting sleep quality. It has been shown to increase various inflammatory markers in the body, enhancing immunity.

Whilst better sleep supports immunity, it is also a key player in supporting a healthy gut microbiome. As good nutrition begins in the gut, this is a vital entity of health and therefore performance. A healthy gut microbiome has shown to have direct benefits on performance, with a study even showing predictions in how well an athlete will do based on their gut microbiome.

Totum Sport Nite is a unique isotonic solution proving all 78 electrolytes in a bioavailable form, having profound effects on cellular health. Optimising the health of your cells optimises overall health, and therefore performance.



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