Football starts at a cellular level within each individual player.


To become the best player on the pitch you need to maximise the function of your cells to become fitter, faster & stronger.


Totum Sport & Totum Sport Nite work synergistically to provide 78 essential electrolytes for complete hydration, enhanced recovery, and cellular repair.


This is why we have partnered with Paris Saint Germain Academy to create some of the best youth footballers

"It's the fastest recovery I've ever had after training, I feel as strong and focused in the last 15 minutes of the game. In the time I've been taking Totum Sport, I've had no muscle injuries, illnesses or colds"

Jermain Defoe, Premier League Footballer




Train Harder. Recover Faster.


  • Dehydration of >2% body mass loss impairs sprinting, dribbling skills, and cognitive function.


  • Dehydration is very common amongst footballers, preventing them from reaching their maximum potential.


  • The opportunity for fluid intake during a match is rare; therefore, a highly effective hydration strategy is vital.




The distance run by a football player during a regular match ranges from ~8 to 13 km.


Football players have seriously high work rates – with ~80% of energy being converted to heat in the working muscles, which is removed through sweat


Sweat contains the full spectrum of 78 electrolytes, not just two or three.


Totum Sport


- Complete hydration

- 78 electrolytes in correct proportions

- Complete recovery

- Enhanced focus

- Reduction in cramps & DOMS

- Reduction in lactic acid by 46%

- Prolonged strength & stamina

- 100 natural, vegan friendly

Totum Sport Nite


- Complete hydration

- 78 electrolytes in correct proportions

- Repair whilst you sleep

- Works to improve gut health

- Works to aid immunity

- Enhances deeper brain sleep

- Aids cellular repair

- 100 natural, vegan friendly



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Success isn't give. It's earnt.

Hydrate at a cellular level with Totum Sport