Decoding a Marine Mystery to Optimise Your Performance

Decoding a Marine Mystery to Optimise Your Performance

The sand beneath your feet, the waves crashing in synchronicity, a surfboard chopping through the current, it brings back good memories doesn’t it? But the sea isn’t just a calming body of salt water. Although it remains 80% unexplored and holds many marine mysteries, one thing is certain, it has more of an effect on the internal terrain of your body and your performance than you might think.   

It produces 70% of the air that we breath, converts the carbon dioxide we produce into something usable, provides energy, water and rain, produces sustenance, maintains the temperature of the planet and is the first source of many medications on the market today. Scientists such as Renee Quinton, have proven - without a shadow of a doubt - that all mammals, us included, have evolved from the deep blue yonder. 

Phytoplankton, are microscopic algae found in the sea. They are buoyant and tend to found near the surface of the water. To us, they are the most important organisms on Earth. They are incredibly rich in chlorophyll to capture sunlight, and they use photosynthesis to turn it into chemical energy. They form the foundation of the entire food chain. By converting sunlight to energy, they provide 60% of the Earth’s oxygen, making them vital for life.   

But how does this benefit us internally to maximise performance and focus? Well we’re glad you asked. Phytoplankton convert inorganic minerals and trace elements in seawater into bioavailable elements. Zooplankton, tiny organisms floating in the sea, feed on the Phytoplankton and release the waste products into the sea. These make the elements they produce bioavailable and hugely beneficial. Totum Sport is harvested from the same environment.   

However, accessing these nutrient rich areas is where it gets tricky. Well, not for you anyway. Totum Sport is harvested 30 metres below plankton blooms, where the area is incredibly rich in nutrients, trace elements and minerals in harmoniously correct proportions.  

The unique solution is transported to the mainland where it never touches the atmosphere to maintain bioavailability. It then undergoes double cold micro-filtration in a state-of the art laboratory in Spain and vacuum sealed in easy to use sachets. Totum Sport is free of all preservatives and toxins enabling your cells to maximise absorption and utilisation of all 78 electrolytes present.

But how does this Totum Sport enhance performance?  

Fitness starts at a cellular level, no matter the activity, no matter the intensity. We are all made up of cells, and by optimising cellular function with Totum Sport, you are optimising everything you do. Every cell needs to be nourished correctly to be able to perform at its optimum.   

Cells require four things to survive and thrive: Electrolytes, Essential Fatty Acids, Water, and Energy (in the form of charge).   

Totum Sport delivers each cell with the correct proportion of electrolytes. When a cell has the full spectrum of 78 electrolytes it can perform its function considerably better. Not only this but it allows water influx intracellularly. Cells that have efficient water can perform biochemical reactions at a faster rate providing your body with sufficient energy throughout.    

When you work hard, you sweat. You sweat out all the 78 electrolytes and these need to be replenished to keep at the top of your game.   

Totum Sport is a world unique solution that replaces all the lost electrolytes in your body. Electrolytes increase glucose optimisation around the body, allowing your muscles to perform at their best. So, whether you’re swimming through the waves, scuba diving into unknown territory in the ocean, or walking along the beach with the sand between your toes, fuel your body with Totum Sport to ensure hydration is maximised and your performance is not hindered.   

  • Aug 13, 2020
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