LMA Member Offer – Return to Competitive Football

As a proud League Mangers Association Technical Partner, Totum Sport would like to help with your return to competitive action, with a special members offer to help with your preparation, performance and recovery.

We will supply one month’s worth of free product to all LMA members and their players across the English professional leagues. 

Our premium Performance and Recovery product will offer the greatest conditioning and science-based assistance to manage your players at a cellular level as you face into an intensive training, and ultimately, playing phase of a highly disrupted season.

Such challenges for your S&C, Performance and Dietician staff will be allieviated and assisted by our Informed Sport – Trusted by Sport and Informed Choice – Trusted by Sport 100% natural products.

Totum Sport hypertonic solution is now used by  a host of leading Premier League players and we are an Associate of Newcastle United, as well as the go to product across a host of leading Olympic, NFL, MLB and NBA teams and players, as well as 19 times Grand Slam winner Rafael Nadal.

As a growing force across Sport, the Covid-19 emergency resulted in a strategic setback for us as a company but it gave us a unique opportunity to work with thousands of NHS Frontline staff.

The company behind Totum Sport – Cellnutrition Sport – donated hundreds of thousands of units of product to medical staff across the UK, as they found themselves dealing with oppressive conditions where physical and mental endurance was required to help on a day-to-day, week-to-week basis. 

By gaining the trust of the country’s leading medical staff, our product was the standalone hydration brand for some of the most eminent medics in the UK.

Totum Sport is the only solution of its kind that concentrates on complete Performance and Recovery conditioning by focusing on the cellular health of athletes, and it is the outstanding scientific supplement for players facing into a restart with little preparation to game time. 

Cellnutrition, through its signature brand Totum Sport, would like to highlight its key benefits and would like to offer you one month’s supply of its 100% Natural, Men’s Health Overall Winner Cardio Supplement, that can benefit your players in what will be a physiologically challenging return to action.

Key amongst our findings for football is that peak performance starts with cellular fitness – we know that only when your cells are fit are you able to build the strongest foundation to optimise performance and to manage and enhance recovery afterwards. 

The benefits from optimal cellular fitness include:

  1. More nutrients can be absorbedinto the cells aiding a clean flow of vital nutrients to the cells so that muscle fatigue, cramps and injury become are successfully managed. 
  1. Oxygen isessential for peak performance during football training and matches. Optimal cellular fitness supports the amount of oxygen that can get into your cells to enhance performance.  

The key to peak performance in football is keeping your cells fit, and also understanding how to keep them fit and healthy.

Fit cells can use food and oxygen more efficiently to generate more energy in the form of ATP. 

Unfit cells will impact the entire body of the footballer, leading to cramps, delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), muscle injury, fatigue and sleep disturbances. Unfit cells also require a longer recovery period.

Electrolytes are essential to keep cells fit. Electrolytes are what enable energy generation and prevent these symptoms arising due to unfit and dysfunctional cells, but only in the correct proportions and Totum Sport is the only product of its type that delivers proportionally.  

Totum Sport is a 100% natural sports supplement providing all 78 electrolytes the cells require and in a fully bioavailable form so that they are quickly and easily absorbed and used by your cells.

Player Recovery: 

There are many factors that come into play to enhance recovery after intensive training and matches. Adequate hydration is essential, and its benefits will influence every successful outcome in Player conditioning.

Water is needed for every enzymatic reaction that occurs in the body. It is needed to transport nutrients, lubricate the muscles and joints, provide cellular structure and facilitate energy transfer. 

As little as 1-2% dehydration has shown to impair cognitive function, affecting focus and concentration.

Whilst it is essential to consume enough water before, during and after football training, without electrolytes, water cannot be sufficiently held in the cell and this is still an issue which is not being fully appreciated in football in particular.

Incomplete hydration causes an array of symptoms including inadequate recovery, muscle cramps, DOMS, injury and fatigue. Fatique in itself is one of the key causes of injury to players, particularly at the end of game time. 

The presence of the important trace elements in Totum Sport are often forgotten about but they are vital for complete hydration at the cellular level. 

During football training, there is an increased production of oxidants in the body. If oxidation is not attenuated, this reduces performance, endurance and recovery.  

Footballers need to recover as fast as possible, and to do so as regularly as possible. This is how they achieve peak performance both on and off the pitch.  

Proper recovery strategies are essential to combat inflammation and reduce DOMS.   

Totum Sport has been shown to reduce the buildup of lactic acid by up to 46% during endurance exercise and also helps to reduce inflammation.  

Exercise is hormedic meaning it causes good stress on the body that we can build from.  

We don’t want to attenuate that response and therefore it is essential to ensure you have optimal and complete hydration. 

Now that it is increasingly looking like a return to action, and with a minimal time to prepare players for full match fitness, Totum Sport guarantees that it will aid the performance and recovery of your players in the time that you need them game ready.

Totum Sport guarantees that you will receive enugh product for your first team squad and we will provide enough product to get them over the first month of training and early games. 

It’s important to emphasise, that this is a 100% natural product, delivered through fully patented lab technologies, produced to a world standard.

If you would like to avail of this complimentary LMA offer, please contact John Kelleher – CEO Cellnutrition Sport at john@totumsport.com and he will arrange for immediate delivery within 24 hours.

  • May 26, 2020
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